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  FOX    KTVU Morning News  

    February 28, 2014
    6:00 - 7:01am PST  

good morning. flash flooding this morning in several locations in san jose right now. look at the pictures. at least one driver trapped. >> power house front blasting through. some areas are getting a break already but we are not done yet. there is a long way to go. >> weather is playing a role in the growing number of crashes. one crash in oakland is deadly. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >> good morning. we want to take you back out live to highway 24 this morning. a huge scene. a fatal crash most likely
because of the weather. the wet roads out there and now that will slow traffic down there as the investigation continues out there. highway 24 the coroner is out there as well. so that part of the roadway will be closed as sal mentioned for quite some time. we are watching a lot of weather related incidents around the bay area though so stay with us. it is friday, february 28th. that is the good news. at least it is friday. >> yeah. and you want everybody to give themselves extra time. i'm dave clark. we're on storm watch. a wet and windy friday morning. we have live team coverage for you. janine de la vega is in san jose. brian flores at that oakland location. but first let's start with sal and steve paulson. steve, you are tracking where the storm is right now. >> well, it's all over the place. but to the west is really -- look at that low. that is just as good adds it gets for us. it's not coming over us but it is heading close enough.
it will wrap back around bands of more rain. it will pick up in intensity. the main part of the front has moved through. it is pushing north and also east. so kind of out of the area. still reports of heavy rain up toward lake county and cain. and out to thwarts of the -- and out to the east bay. it looks like a pretty good line. but south of that things look like they have calmed down. it will be a blustery day because of low pressure to the west and high pressure to the east. we are getting a howling east, southeast breeze for most locations. it will be a wind advisory take us until about 10:00 this morning. and there is the low. it is tracking south and east. we will get cooling that could
give us thunderstorm activity. even heavy rain down in l.a.. rain and wind for us. things are calming down for awhile. heaviest is in the morning. 50s and 60s on your temps. here is sal. good morning. we have a fatal crash in oakland that has been causing major delays. we'll have a live report from the scene. but we do have very, very heavy traffic as you drive out of the caldecott tunnel. southbound 680 at highway traffic we had a crash pap lot of flooding at that ramp. they moved the crash to the shoulder. 580 eastbound they were -- the
altamont crash is a mess. completely closed in both directions because of water. a lot of minor flooding all over the place. we advise yo to be very careful there. traffic times are up everywhere as you can see 580 grant line. highway 4 and we also have problems on bart. bart has system wide delays because of a problem in the transbay tube. train and muni are reporting no delays. let's go to the toll plaza. that is a small delay. the east shore freeway is very crowded coming in. you will see a lot of slow traffic as you come through. all westbound lanes of highway 24 are closed right now as chp investigates a deadly crash
near interstate 580. brian flores arrived at the scene. brian. >> reporter: good morning. we are not even in the heart of the commute and already a mess out there when you talk of bart. >> according to chp they say that a woman who was driving a toyota rav 4 her car stalled in the number three lane. she had her hazard lights on but then the driver of a lexus car ran into her at a pretty good rate of speed according to the chp. when officers arrived they tried doing cpr ons woman that was hit but she was pronounced
dead at the scene. here's an update from chp. >> it's unknown at this time. we will have to contact witnesses to see who saw this vehicle to see if it had its lights on or if any flairs are out. we will have to conduct some follow up investigation before we determine that. >> reporter: according to the chp they say the driver that hit this woman was taken to another local hospital with unknown injuries. but as we take you back out here live again westbound 24 at the 580 interchange just a mess right now. only one lane going through at this point. they are working on getting more lanes open in the next 45 minutes. until that time as sal mentioned, you need to plan accordingly. live in oakland brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. time is 6:07. this morning's rain causing major flooding all over the bay area. including dangerous flash flooding on the streets. really hazardous for drivers.
janine de la vega is live in san jose. you have seen several cases of driversed that ha to be rescue -- that had to be rescued from cars. >> reporter: yeah emergency crews have been driving from accident scene to accident scene. i'm in the southbound lanes of highway 87 at taylor. this roadway is completely flooded. you can see there is just one lane of southbound traffic coming through here because there is a bunch of standing water that is just completely flooded. i can't even tell really how high it is. those cars you see in the distance are using the car pool lane right now. and until the water reseeds, they won't be able -- recedes, they won't be able to open this up. now i want to go to some video that we got earlier from a cell phone showing another car that got stuck in the water. that happened at santa clara
near stockton street in downtown san jose at about 4:00 a.m. a man drove into standing water there. water started flooding into his car. a passer by and then a policeman had to get him out of the window and there was some very scary moments for that gentleman. here's what he had to say. >> reporter: you couldn't see the water so i just -- i thought it was clear. drove right in and my car started getting flooded. >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> how do i get out? do i stay in the car? do i push it out? so i'm asking 911 what do i do, and they are just like remain calm. >> reporter: there was also a second car at that same location coming in the other direction that also got stuck in the water. that man also had to be rescued by emergency crews and his car had to be pushed out of the water. again numerous accidents happening we just came back
from a scene across town in north san jose where a man was rescued from coyote creek. back out here live. i don't feel it is very light, light rain. i don't feel too much. but again because of the flooding here they will not be able to open up all lanes for quite awhile. try to avoid this area and the area near santa clara street and stockton. that road is still closed. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:10. several bay area flights due to take off from sfo this morning have been canceled. they include united flights to southern california including ontario, palm springs, and orange county. united also canceled a 10:00 a.m. flight to reno. more than 100 flights at sfo were canceled wednesday during that storm. so far oakland and maneta airport are not reporting any
disruptions right now. the snow already falling in the sierra this morning. right now there are chain requirements on parts of interstate 80 and highway 50. one of our favorite reporters brian hickey will be joining us live. he's at blue canyon. that is coming up at 6:15. here's a reminder you can down load our new weather app to help you get through this powerful storm. it has realtime radar and weather alerts to keep you up to date right on your android smart phone or your iphone. new this morning the investigation continues into a deadly crash in the east bay city of pittsburg. police say a car hit a power pole shortly after 1:00 this morning. this was on west tenth street in pittsburg. officers have shut down the street after a lot of police activity out there. pg&e crews also working to restore power to that area. a number of big questions still surround this deadly crash.
alex savidge has been out there on the scene all morning long. time is 6:11. store owners fighting back in the bay area. the two attempted robberies caught on tape and the punches that clerk threw that put his life on the line. >> all i did was duck and slammed on the brakes. >> the target of an east bay freeway shooting describes his terrifying ordeal. and interview you will see only on 2. >> right now we have several crashes, roadway flooding, and one of the most serious crashes being taken care of in oakland. we will tell you what the traffic is doing as you come out of the tunnel. >> some of the heaviest has been santa cruz mountains south bay as well. everybody is in on rain totals today and there is more on the way. safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are continuing our storm watch this morning here in the bay area and up in the sierra the snow already falling in the higher elevations. right now chains are required on parts of interstate 80 and highway 50. reporter brian hickey live in blue canyon this morning. a bit lower from where the snow is falling. brian, how does it look? >> reporter: i'm not high enough. we are getting wet and rainy here at 5,000 feet. you can see the rain coming down. you don't have to go too far up
interstate 80 before this turns to snow. in the last hour they put up chain controls. i was up skiing yesterday, a foot of snow in the mountains and this storm is expected to produce another foot to 18 inches of snow on top of what they already got. certainly getting a good dose of snow in the sierra. some good water to ease the drought situation a little bit. but for now drivers will have to be ready for winter driving conditions and i will need to find a new jacket. this one is getting pretty wet. back to you. >> i bet. thank you, brian, for that update. we will check in with him throughout rt morning. in just a few hours the officers tied to that scandal that have rocked the police department are due in court. the five police officers and one former officer face charges that could send them to prison for years. ktvu news broke the story yesterday. we learned that the six
officers accused of taking part in a series of raids at san francisco residential hotels. those raids were captured on video. >> they were going into the rooms without warrants. in some cases we believe they were stealing items. and there was no accountability. >> this was our worst fear. i don't know that it gets any worse than this. >> the head of san francisco's police officers association has released this statement in response to the scandal. quote these indictments are apparently based on the questionable testimony of unreliable informant witnesses. the chp is searching for a gunman that fired shots on a crowded east bay freeway. the gunfire shut down part of westbound 580 in castro valley during last night's commute. the bullets hit the windshield, the hood, and the front grill of a blazer. ktvu news got an exclusive
interview with the driver who says he was driving on 580 when a passenger in a silver chevy fired a half dozen shots at his suv. >> they pulled out a handgun i guess. all i did was just duck. and slammed on the brakes and got over as fast as i can. >> he says the silver chevy then sped away. detro was not hurt. chp wants witnesses to come forward as they search for a motive. investigators want to talk to any drivers in the area on 580 and 238 when that shooting happened about 3:40 yesterday afternoon. if you're a witness, call the number you see on your screen. back over to sal. i'm sure there are quite a few problems out there. everybody needs to slow down. a lot of water on the road. >> we have slightly better
news. the crash on 24 has be removed. the chp is showing us the huge back up here on 24. all the lanes have just opened. they just issued -- they just canceled their cig alert but the traffic coming from the tunnel two tousle times the normal drive time. normally it takes five minutes. maybe a little less to drive down the hill from the tunnel. now it's taking 20 minutes. and that is just a little part here. just give yourself extra time. this will effect highway 24 as well. again that crash that deadly crash has been cleared. it was there for about an hour. at one point it did block all the lanes. one lane was open far time. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. it is backed up for an 8-15 minute drive through the span.
580 is a mess because of the wet weather. flooding closure of several lanes. northbound getting through but the freeways are tough to navigate. let's go to steve. thank you very much. it is a wet morning commute. the main core of the front has gone through. the barometer is now rising. that is really good for us. we haven't seen that in a long time. but that doesn't mean we are done. the low is still poised out there.
three plus inches of rain is falling in the next couple of days. san francisco .60. that now puts the month at five and a quarter. 118% of normal. this is the first month of above average rainfall in san francisco since december of 2012. that is a long time. look at that. i will tell you i haven't seen that in a long time. it is heading toward central and southern california but it is taking a lot of this and swinging it back in. if you are getting a break now, it's one of those wait five minutes. very heavy rain. michelle said in the san leandro hills and i can see it right here.
hayward. i know union city. and then wrapping back around. it looks like things have calmed down. it was really intense there for awhile. and also around morgan hill to gilroy that has finally pushed off but it was really coming down there. what it is doing until it goes south, it will continue to wrap back in but it will be far enough north. the low is making more of a beeline south of us. rain and wind heaviest in the morning. but then again it will go showery in nature. 50s and 60s. this will be one of the days where just again we night get a
break for a little bit then things will pick up. cloud and some rain into saturday. it looks much quieter sunday and monday. there is not a consensus on the five-day forecast. time now 6:22. free muni passes to certain people in san francisco. who will get them? and the big name company that is paying the bill. >> and quite a gesture from the first openingly gay basketball player in the nba. how jason collins paid tribute to a student killed because of his sexual or yen station.
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:26 is the time. walmart says it is taking a big step to change how many consumer products are made. walmart will require manufactures to give it a list of chemicals considered dangerous, used in any make up, soaps, and household cleaners by next january. companies must reduce or eliminate them or will be required to list them on labels within a if more years. industry experts companies will change their products rather than lose sales. time 16:-- time is 6:26. former stanford star jason collins who plays for the
brooklyn nets during last night's game he paid tribute to matthew shepard. the wyoming college student who was murdered in 1998 because he was gay. during the game he wore number 98 in honor of shepard. >> my friends and family knew why i chose that number and now it's cool to see so many people support it. it's evident by people buying the jersey. >> collins' number 98 jersey is the top selling uniform on shepard's parents said that collins gesture was genuine and thoughtful. president obama and vice president biden teamed up in a video to mark the fourth anniversary of first lady michelle obama's let's move healthy eating initiative. >> let's move. >> the president and vice president show how they move around the white house. i don't know if they are always
jogging around the white house but the first lady is asking people to share how they move on facebook, twitter, and instagram. 6:27 is the time. deadly crash in one east bay city early this morning. we will show you how it's effecting people living blocks away from the crash scene. >> good morning. right now traffic is going to be very slow as you drive on highway 24 because of a fatal crash that happened just before 5:00 this morning. it was cleared about ten minutes ago but news chopper 2 is showing us a live picture of how bad it is coming out of the caldecott. drive times will be way up. >> some areas getting a break. other areas especially parts of the east bay getting hammered. plus there is more on the way.
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. just ringing the opening bell there in new york this morning. and over on the nasdaq that is a company going public. software company out of new york. so they are celebrating their ipo today. and looks like a slightly lower opening. all week long we've been talking about earnings reports. a lot of the retailers coming in. some of them better than expected, but some not so good. we will keep an eye on the numbers and the markets this morning. all right we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here. a busy friday, february 28th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 6:31. weather and traffic is our top stories this morning. steve. >> pam. flight looks scary behind you. that swirly thing. [ laughter ] >> oh you mean this out here. thank you, pam. yes, that is good for us. i think i saw 28.76 on the
surface low. inches of mercury. beginning to pick up again all the twitter information. thank you, thank you. i'm trying to get to it as fast as i can. i will try to answer you. we do have a couple area where is the rain let up. now it's picking up again. coming down and pouring in glen park. parts of san francisco as well. the next band rotating. one front went through the barometer. the front went through. there is really heavy rain. especially out in the east bay. things are picking up slightly into marin county and points north. nothing too heavy yet. but from the oakland hills san leandro hills, walnut creek, concord, pleasant hill. that is very intense rain. there is even some now twinning to pick up off of santa cruz. this is also close to the radar site. look at this going along the coastline. that is heading toward half- moon bay and other areas around palo alto, peninsula beginning to pick up as well. you might have had a little bit of a break but this is a big
system. now it's tracking more east, southeast so the core is not coming over us. but all of this wrapping up around until the low gets far enough east and south that is what we are in line for. if you get a break it's one of the midwest forecasts. thundershower activity as we get closer to it as well. very blustery day. so due east or southeast wind just howling until that low goes south. there is a lot out here. this is painting a picture more toward central and southern california. but not bad for us here as well. over all the heaviest amounts will be santa cruz mountains and south. most locations around two- thirds to an inch and a quarter. rain and wind today. heaviest will be in the morning. but then watch for things to pick up later this afternoon or late morning and early afternoon. 60s on your temps. not really a cold system. i'm not supposed to she you that but i did any way. here is sal. we continue to follow the news out of oakland.
this deadly crash in oakland has cleared. and the traffic is beginning to get better. highway 24 has reopened and these are live pictures from news chopper 2. at one point it was solid all the way up to the caldecott tunnel but the traffic is recovering. it is still slow from the rock ridge bart station. this morning 24 at 580. now this is the scene earlier this morning. one person was killed when her suv was rear ended by another car here. this car. and the deadly crash ended uptaking upmost of the freeway. you can see how badly damaged this suv was. that woman who was inside was pronounced dead at the scene. chp did an investigation. the coroner came and opened up the lanes as i mentioned about 15 minutes ago. chp officer told ktvu brian flores more about what happened. >> it's unknown at this time. we will have to contact witnesses to see who saw this
vehicle to see if it had its lights on or any flairs out. we will have to conduct some follow up investigations before we determine that. >> again he was talking about the cause of the crash. brian is still following this story as are we but the lanes are open and traffic is recovering as you come down to the 24-580 interchange. i do want to mention the bay bridge toll plaza has filled in a little bit. the south bay has a lot of flooding all over the place. yesterday i got an e-mail saying 85 is the highway of death. well today is not all that bad. but i feel your pain. 85 northbound a little bit slow as you drive from 82 up to saratoga. feel free to contact me on e- mail or twitter or facebook, whatever if you feel that i can give you a little bit more love on your commute, i would be
happy to do that. go ahead and drop me a digital message of some sort. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, power outages effecting thousands of pg&e customers here in the bay area. the biggest outages in the north bay. two separate blackouts effecting 5700 customers near napa. in the san jose area 660 homes and businesses have no power. 328 customers in the dark in pittsburg. that is when a power pole was knocked down. in san francisco more than 100 have no electricity. and a handful of people on the peninsula have no electricity. >> the storm is also causing a big mess in parts of san francisco. the weather is blamed for taking down a tree at 37th avenue near lincoln. it almost hit a parked car and blocking the street for hours over night. but fortunately no one was hurt. public works crews came and used a chain saw to cut us a tree and remove all of the debris. police have been called to
several accidents in san francisco as well. there was one crash at about 2:30 this morning on silver and princeton. a driver lost control and down a hill and ended up on the sidewalk. clipping a building and then on 18th and harrison streets a car spun out. it too ended up on the sidewalks. police have not yet told us the cause for the accident. in daly city there was a car crash on highway 280. that was at the hickey boulevard exit. no one was hurt surprisingly. but in the incident two lanes were blocked for some time. the rain slowed down cleanup and removal efforts and the chp is reminding you give yourself enough breaking distance. time is 6:37. new pictures to show you this morning. the devastating effects of the drought in california. this is a comparison of lake
oral vail in 2011 and 2014. in 2011 the lake was filled with water. now look at it. very dry. just a little bit of water. you can see almost the entire bridge there which you couldn't see back in 2011. incredible. that bill provides $500 million in unspent bond money for water related infrastructure projects all over the state. it also sets aside millions of dollars for drinking water in rural communities that are at risk of running out of water. and just a reminder for you, you can get the weather forecast to go on your smart phone or tablet with the ktvu weather app. it has live radar for you and forecasts from our ktvu weather team. it's available for apple and android users. new this morning the investigation continues into a deadly crash in the east bay
city of pittsburg. that crash also causing power t alex savidge has been out there at the crash scene all morning long and more on what we have learned. alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. west tenth street is blocked in both directions here because of this early morning crash that left one person dead. and we will show you the scene. the crash took out two power poles here along this street. and that knocked out power to about 300 customers in this area. you can see pg&e is out here right now doing repair work. trying to get the lights back on. the accident was just around 1:00 this morning. and at first pittsburg police officers moved up to the truck that had crashed with their guns drawn. it's unclear at this point if the truck or the person inside had been involved in some sort of a crime beforehand. but because it slammed into the power pole, pg&e workers came in to de-energize down lines. there was one person pronounced
dead here at the scene. we don't know anything at this point about that victim. i have reached out to the pittsburg police department for more details, again it has left several hundred people in the dark. as soon as we get more information, we will bring that to you. live in pittsburg alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 6:40. for the second time in 24 hours, bay area store clerks fought back and overpowered an armed robber. latest one happened wednesday night in san mateo. a 26-year-old parolee pointed the gun there at the manager and demanded money buts manager grabbed the gun and fought back. everything was caught on video. you can see another employee jumping in there. that suspect was taken down and held for the police. >> if it was my night he would shoot me right away. if i came with a small gun, i would not do nothing. but if he come with a big
shotgun, it's easy to take it from him. easy. >> besides having a few cuts and bruises, both of the clerks are expected to be okay. just hours earlier at a convenient store in richmond, there was this. we showed you am clerk grabbed a robbers gun and another employee then runs in, tackles him, and flings him to the floor like a wrestler. the store employee was heroic in doing that and may get a medal but police do not advise anyone to front someone who has a gun. if you think the conditions here in the bay area are bad, well the weather is even worse in southern california. straight ahead the threat of major mud and rock slides and the popular highway that is closed through noon. we are live in san jose where there are flooded roadways and traffic accidents because of the rain. we will show you what to avoid and how it will effect your morning commute.
we have been looking not only at the roads but also at the train system. this is news chopper 2 looking at 24, 980 and oakland. >> the optimum word coming in from all the twitter tweets is pouring. we'll take a look at some of these. safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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welcome back to the morning fews. this mornings rain causing major flooding all over the bay area. including dangerous flash floods that caught people off guard. janine de la vega is in san jose this morning. janine has been showing us some dramatic rescues this morning. >> reporter: yes. we are here in the northbound lanes now of 87. you can see there is two feet of standing water. here's the chp officer. she is doing her best to try to unclog the drain here. and right now there is just one lane open here in the northbound of 87 near julian. and then they are letting all lanes open after this patch of flooded water. dangerous situation.
this is standing water in the southbound lanes at 87 of taylor. earlier this morning at 3:45 two cars got stuck in watt tear had collected there. completely flooded about three lanes of southbound 87 at taylor. we're told by chp the problem there was they heard from cal trans that the generator that pumps water out there was broken. copper thieves hit it. it made for a dangerous situation and effected a fire captain who was on his way to another rescue. >> i came across four feet of water. across the freeway. it was very sudden. came up on me very fast. the water raised over my hood which is -- i have a very tall truck. and it almost caused me to have an accident. >> reporter: and then you are looking at cell phone video that we got. this accident happened at 4:00 a.m. at santa clara and stockton
street. a man broke right into some standing water that had collected and flooded there right at santa clara turns into the alameda. water started come into his car. a pedestrian walking by and police were able to help rescue him. here's what the van had to -- here's what the man had to say. >> you couldn't see the water. i thought it was clear. drove right in. my car started getting flooded in. >> what were you think something >> how do i get out? do i stay in the car? do i push it out. so i'm asking 911 what do i do? and they are like just remain calm. >> reporter: and while that rescue is happening, on the other side of the street yet another car ended up driving in, in the other direction into that standing water. so he had to be rescued. santa clara police have closed
that area. back out here live it looks like cal tran just arrived on the scene. because of that chp officer she was able to clear out the drain there, a lot of the water has receded. it looks like the northbound lanes near julian might start opening up. there is still just one lane of traffic. it looks like they have been able to at least start taking care of this problem. i see the water receding. we will continue to monitor this situation. the weather in southern california expected to be even worse than ours up here in the bay area. a nine mile stretch of pacific coast highway in malibu is closed. the highway patrol reporting a number of fender benders around
the area. including an accident involving the jackknifed big rig. they could receive half a foot of rain today and mandatory evacuations have been ordered for parts of eastern los angeles county. >> big rain comes through. that whole mountain is coming down. it will hit every one of the houses. >> under clear and sunny skies yesterday. some people boarded their homes and left other people ignore that evaluation order. the national weather service is warning one to two inches of rain could fall in an hour. there could also be waterspouts offshore. time is 6:49. for the next two years google is picking up the cost of san francisco's free muni passes for kids. google is giving muni $6.8 million. that is the largest private donation received by the
agency. so far more than 31,000 san franciscans between the ages of 5-17 have signed up to get the free passes. the mayor ed lee says it is the first of several donations that expects from google. 6:50 is the time. let's check in with tori campbell who is in the newsroom with more. >> good morning, pam and dave. coming up in minutes, putting the brakes on ride services. what seattle has just done that san francisco based companies say could really hurt their growing business. >> and the unexpected but understandable reaction from a lot of people just sick of all the snow and ice in other parts of the country. how many are coping now with this nasty weather. >> and of course we will have full coverage on this morning's bay area weather. we will tell you where the rain is falling the hardest. all the problems it is causing. traffic situations and power outages. all that coming up on mornings on 2. now back to you. >> thank you.
time is 6:50. sal, there are so many traffic problems. take a second and find them all. you have to a lot to tell us. >> it's one of the things they keep popping up. but i will run it down for you. one thing i want to mention that has improved a little bit, they were popping up faster. let's start off and take a look at the south bay commute. we've had fender benders. now that it is light people will see the light roadways. 101 is okay. 85 is slow from 87. and again as you heard janine say several lanes on 87 near taylor street are closed because of roadway flooding. we also have traffic times here. traffic on 580 from grant line road is 35 minutes. i want to show you the bay bridge toll plaza that is about a 30 minute delay between san francisco and oakland. highway 4 we have slow traffic coming in. this is highway 4 coming out
from pittsburgh. you can see how slow it is. so please allow extra time and watch for roadway flooding. let's go to steve. thank you. let's get to the rain totals. thank you each and every one of you sending in information. ben lomond almost two inches of rain. gilroy almost 1.5 inches. sunnyvale near the cupertino border. mountain view. our testimony is really
impressive. just take a picture. we don't see this very often. it's wrapped up. it's out of its maturity. but now it is directing everything from the southwest lifting it up. even if you get a break, you will get very intense. i don't use the word showers very often because i don't like it. things have calmed down in the north bay. if you get a break it will start to pick up again a little later. there has been really heavy rain around parts of the east bay. as around fairfield and napa. there was really, really heavy rain san leandro hills. things are beginning to pick up off santa cruz and heading back to the santa cruz mountains. but it's definitely here and it will be one of the days where this low controls our weather until probably late tonight and tomorrow morning when it is far enough east and south. then we will be on the drier side of it. but that is not the case right
now. over all look for rain and wind today. heaviest here in the morning. but there will be some areas where we get possible thundershowers. back to the desk. 6:53 is the time. using cell phones while behind the wheel. the ruling that allows some people to check their phones while driving.
welcome back. live news at the big board. stocks rallying just a bit. nasdaq and s & p up as well. more retailers to keep an eye on pier one hit by bad weather. it's a growing crime problem in one city in the east bay. alameda police warning the public about a recent spike in home burglaries and car break ins. take a look at this man. he was caught on camera on saturday. he got in through an open gate and left through the front door with a backpack full of stolen items. investigators say this break in reflects a growing crime problem and they are urging everyone to lock up homes and cars and immediately report any suspicious activity. a california appeals court ruling this one could change the rules on how drivers are allowed to use cell phones. steven says he didn't deserve to get a traffic ticket for checking a map on his phone
while he was stopped in traffic. the court agreed with him. he was not talking or listening to his phone. those are the specific activities listed in the state vehicle code. the chp says checking a phone that way could still be considered under broader distracted driving laws and most people we talk with agree. >> more address tracting than text -- more distracting than texting. >> anything that takes your eyes off the road for more than a few seconds then you probably shouldn't have it. >> the attorney general has 90 days to request a review before that ruling goes into effect wide spread. coming up next on mornings on 2. more storm watch. the number of storm related problems growing by the minute. we will continue our live storm watch coverage of the pounding rain and strong winds battering the bay area during this morning's commute.
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. the rain causing major problems on bay area roadways, including this fatality on highway 24 near oakland. how this may affect your morning commute -- coming up. and the drive times are up because of the wet commute, including some of the major roads that's gonna